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Being part of a small church group is tremendously beneficial for our Christian experience. Not only do we get to experience God with other Christians outside of a church service, but we also have the opportunity to grow spiritually and in our relationship with others – all while socializing and having a good time. The following are the importance of connecting with people in small church groups:

1. It is an avenue to connect with believers - A small church group provides you with a variety of ways to connect with people. It also allows you to choose your level of involvement and commitment such as mentoring relationships, short or long-term classes, as well as opportunities to connect with more people and to grow.

2. You are noticed - Small groups make you part of a closely-knit community of friends – who will take note of your presence or absence. This is because when you are part of a small group, people know you, including your name, care about you, and are willing to support you when you are in need.

3. You learn to be a leader - If you have the desire to grow or fine-tune your leadership abilities, being part of a small church group is an excellent way to achieve this. Since the purpose of every small group is to grow big eno

ugh to multiply, almost everyone can become a leader.

4. It serves as an extended family - A lot of people live hundreds of miles from their families, while others don't have families at all. In a church small group, we meet weekly to fellowship and talk. This provides the same support and loyalty that you would receive from your family.

5. Gives you room to ask questions and get answers - While a church is focused primarily on teaching and training, a small group gives you the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions –and seek the answers together with others. A small church group is a place to discuss the issues of faith with other believers and one of the best ways to grow your spiritual life.

6. Provides advice and support - It is important to connect with people in small groups not only because they help with answers to spiritual questions, but because they also provide support on a plethora of life matters. This may include asking for prayer regarding your job or career, relationship, and major life decisions.

7. A ground for true friendships - A small gr

oup is a perfect place to connect with people and make new friends. Friends that will be loyal and supportive. Having a friend or friends in a group will inevitably make your life more positive and enjoyable.

Small groups allow us to connect with people in a lighthearted environment. This is undoubtedly the reason someone who would naturally not set foot in a church will still find it enjoyable discussing spirituality with friends over lunch or dinner.

Here at the Door we always have some small group going on. We would love for you to join us. We are a new church with a big vision for Lubbock, Texas. Our address is 3017 39th st. You can also reach our pastor, Patrick Lucero at 806-730-7379.

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