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The Church and Mental Health

Interestingly, on May 26, 2005 in Atlanta, a survey of nearly 37,000 people (men and women) showed that people who attend church regularly are less likely to suffer from mental illnesses than those who don't.

In the abundance of God's grace, he has graciously placed the church to help our mental health and stability. You will agree with me that there are a lot of people suffering from emotional wounds from traumatic experiences. And the church as a Christ-centered community of faith and healing is where these people have access to Biblical teaching, fellowship, prayer, care and hospitality, and counseling that helps them heal and recover completely. While those with no mental health problem can stay mentally healthy as a result of the above.

Additionally, the church helps with mental health, because it's rooted in the Scripture:

• Isaiah described part of the mission of Jesus, the coming Messiah as one that was ‘to bind up the brokenhearted’ (Isaiah 61:1).

• Jeremiah wrote of Christ (the Messiah): ‘I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow’ (Jeremiah 31:13).

• In the New Testament too, we see that, ‘Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness’ (Matthew 9:35).

Even today the church still remains a place where that is good for our mental health. It still offers encouragement and healing for those who are dealing with mental health challenges.

More so, the church with its beliefs and doctrines improves our mental health because it:

1. Reaches out and extends Christ’s love through friendship to its members, this has a large positive impact on mental health. Friendship naturally reduces depression, anxiety, fear, worries etc. And the church is the perfect place to find and establish true friendship.

2. Increases the faith, hope and positivism in the lives of members. Even studies have found a positive association between biblical teachings with wellbeing.

3. Bears people's burdens. This practice of bearing one another's burdens helps improve the mental health of its members.

The church is the perfect place to be if you're seeking to have and maintain a good mental health.

Join our church here in Lubbock sometime. We look forward to seeing you.

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